First Aid Training

REC (Remote Emergency Care) Outdoor 16 Hour First Aid

The REC outdoor 16 hour First Aid training we offer is suitable for anyone who teaches, instructs or guides in the outdoors, or even for those who just want to get out and enjoy the mountains, coastlines and rivers safely. The course is designed to give you the practical skills and knowledge that you will need to administer first aid treatment wherever you may find yourself.  

Our courses are run out of the luxurious Malvern Hills Hotel, with classroom sessions based in the Hotel’s conference room and practical sessions taking place in a range of locations on the Malvern Hills right outside. 

This is a two day (16 hour) course that combines practical and theory classroom sessions with hands on outdoor scenarios and demonstrations designed to mimic real life situations. The two days will cover casualty management, fundamental workings of the heart, lungs and airway as well as how to best deal with challenging environments and approach any incident as safely as possible.  

 The course content consists of:  

  • Principles of First Aid  
  • Vital signs  
  • Emergency Action & Safety – how to manage emergencies safely and systematically  
  • Airway – assessing airway problems and managing the airway  
  • Safe Airway Position & Casualty care  
  • Breathing Problems – including choking & Asthma  
  • CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation  
  • Circulation Problems – shock, chest pain, collapsing, heart stoppage  
  • Unconsciousness – collapsing & continued care  
  • Major Damage and Shock  
  • Bleeding – treating bleeding from open wounds  
  • Environmental Injuries – Hypothermia, Frostbite and Frost Nip, Hyperthermia  
  • Major Injuries – Head Injuries, Stroke, Chest Injury, Heart Attack, Stomach, Pelvis, Spine (inc casualty transportation)  
  • Head to Toe Checks  
  • Limb injuries – Bones, Muscles, Joints, Slings, Splints and Soft Tissue  
  • Common Medical Conditions – Diabetes, Seizures, Anaphylactic Shock  
  • Burns  
  • Eye Injuries  
  • Triage  

The REC Outdoor 16 hour First Aid course is valid for 3 years and is the standard approved course for the outdoor education industry, recognised by national governing bodies such as British Cycling, Canoe England, Scotland & Wales and Mountain Training UK.

Our first aid courses are run by the very best front-line medics and experts in remote medical care. Intrepid-Medics are a team of fully qualified UK and US paramedics who practice the highest standards of pre-hospital care in some of the planet’s most remote and challenging environments, from battle fields to disaster zones, to healthcare epidemics, and from the High Himalaya to the sub-Saharan savanna. Anything you want to know about remote emergency care the Intrepid-Medics team will know and most likely have dealt with personally.  

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